this was mavarma dusi IV
spirit of the game:

wunderteam yeahyeahyeah

final ranking:

1. yellow fever, CZ
2. upsadaisy, AT
3. cheek2cheek, AT
4. spin, AT
5. chuck raiders, AT
6. flying circus, AT
7. catchup, AT
8. wunderteam, AT

some pictures:

heidis pics here
jakobs pics here (same as above but bigger resolution & no flash)
hannes pics here

some words:

it was a pleasure for us to organize this tournament for the 4th time. we really enjoyed the weekend with you guys and we hope you have the same good memorys about malvarma 07 as we have.. but most important, we really hope to see you guys 2008 ...

keep it mixed sometimes ;)