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upsadaisy: exclamation used to express encouragement to a child who has fallen or is being lifted!


CEL Qualification

FWD (forward) made the 3rd place in Maribor. Forward is a mix from the best open player from Upsadaisy and Innsiders. It was a hot 3 days tournament in Maribor but in the end we qualified for the CEL final in Frankfurt. YEAH!!
Here some photos from our photographer Peter Zerlauth

Austrian Championships

Upsadaisy open wins the Austrian championships.  It was a hot weekend with hotter games. BOOM DIGGE DIGGE


Also our women were successful. Four of them got third with the Wadies and won the Spirit of the game. One of our ladies won the Austrian Championships with Box. Congrates!!!!!

UD Mixed wins Sandsplash

Yeah yeah Yeah!!!! Ud mixed wins the Sandsplash 2012!!!


UD Boys Brugge/Hamburg

UD Boys played with FWD and got 5th at Tom´s Tourney. Boom digge digge!!! 

UD Open got 3rd at Hamburg Rumble and won the Spitit of the game!!! Ud, Ud, Ud!!

UD Boys got selected for the Open Nationalteam

We proudly announce that 10 upsadaisyplayer got selected for the austrian open nationalteam 2012
which will participate in july at the WUGC in JAPAN!

Conrgrats: Bastos, Big J, Delay, Hanzell, Jakoby, Michi, Mo, Michu, Nemo, Norb.

Btw. Thanks Harri! You were an awesome second coach!!


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